WTA Gallente Carrier Alt (Supersitter)

Some additional info:


Can fly Thanatos, Ninazu, Nyx with common fits
Perfect coreskills
Can fly Covops (Cloaking IV) + cyno for hotdropds or scouting
Basic mining skills for baiting with a miningship

All ccprules apply

Starting bid: 22b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 26b

I offer 15B, it is never worth 26B

16 bill

17 bil

18 bill

19 bill

20 billion, good for 24h

21 bil

22 bill buyout offer

23 bill then

retracted, found another char. sorry about that.

alright, sold! i’ll take the 23b from Ista Puhkastu. please send isk and accountname to transfer the char to.

Isk and account name sent

isk received and transfer started. tyvm

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