WTA Gallente Carrier Alt (Supersitter)

(Salem Parvos) #1

Some additional info:


Can fly Thanatos, Ninazu, Nyx with common fits
Perfect coreskills
Can fly Covops (Cloaking IV) + cyno for hotdropds or scouting
Basic mining skills for baiting with a miningship

All ccprules apply

Starting bid: 22b
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 26b

WTB Nyx Sitter
WTB Gallente Carrier Pilot ( 20-40b )
(Ista Puhkastu) #2

I offer 15B, it is never worth 26B

(Tootsie McFaglet) #3

16 bill

(Ista Puhkastu) #4

17 bil

(Tootsie McFaglet) #5

18 bill

(Ista Puhkastu) #6

19 bill

(Hooded Robina) #7

20 billion, good for 24h

(Ista Puhkastu) #8

21 bil

(Tootsie McFaglet) #9

22 bill buyout offer

(Ista Puhkastu) #10

23 bill then

(Hooded Robina) #11

retracted, found another char. sorry about that.

(Salem Parvos) #12

alright, sold! i’ll take the 23b from Ista Puhkastu. please send isk and accountname to transfer the char to.

(Ista Puhkastu) #13

Isk and account name sent

(Salem Parvos) #14

isk received and transfer started. tyvm

(system) #16

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