WTA HEL pilot 27m

(DADDY Hitme) #1

[A professional hel pilot, and can be used directly to battle.
I want to know the value of this character.
How much would you like to pay to buy this character. And in the near future, I’m going to sell him]


(Perpetualed) #2

19 billion.

(Global Positioning System) #3

offer 20b

(DADDY Hitme) #4

daily bump


current extract price if you buy extractors on sell and sell injectors on buy is 18.8bil I’LL OFFER you 21b, you don’t have capital shield skills training or fighters 5. That’s the best i’ll offer my friend. When is your next Remap as well?

(DADDY Hitme) #6

Sorry, your price is not my ideal price, I will train some other skills, such as soldier 5, and then trade


How much would you like to sell it for? I’d really like to take it off your hands.

(Global Positioning System) #8

how about 22b?

(Kamel Fera) #9

23b sddd

(system) #10

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