WTA: Loggerhead Faction Fax Hull *Preorder* SOLD

Buyout was accepted Closed

Hello Everyone!

Loggerhead is in the oven. 16 days

Ready by or before 7/20.

Located in lowsec in Placid Region at a NPC Station.

**Update 7/11/18 Switched to a Auction format!

Auction Terms and Rules:
Start Bid - 30bil

Reserve - 40bil

B/O - 75bil

Bidding - Public - Please Bid here.
(Bids made via eve-mail will not count.)

Ending: 01:00 EVE TIME 7/20 ( 6PM PST - 9PM PST)
Contract will be posted to ASAP afterwards. In case of early B/O, Contract as soon as completed. (17th)

Sniper Rule - 10 Minutes.

Thank you for the people who have had made offers so far, I do not hold you to yours offers. If you wish please place a bid now!

This will start as a fresh Auction starting from post #19 (trying not to make a lot of posts :frowning: )

Thanks for your time,


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Thank you for starting me off! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the offers folks!

Please keep them coming!

Back to the top!







Thank you guys for the offers, please keep them coming!

will possible start auction on 15th and run till 20th.

thanks everyone, keep offers cominh!


I was taking offers… everyone was making offers 1b over each other?

I stated if no good offers I would turn it into a auction.

sorry for any confusion!

Did you have a price in mind then?

I havent seen one go for sale yet, so no sorry.

I was hoping I would get some cool trade offers or something.

sorry, I dont have a buy out price in mind.

The last BPC sold for 30b. I’d probably say around that + build cost is what you’ll get. just fyi :slight_smile:

Whats the build cost?

Good morning!

thanks for the offers and comments.

My build cost is right around 32bil.

This post has been converted over to a Auction now. Please see Post #1

Thanks and goodluck!