WTA: Sexy Sister, 11.7M SP Interceptor Pilot

I’d like to auction off Sexy Sister, an 11.7M SP Amarr interceptor and battlecruiser pilot. She is being sold in Jita.

Highlights include Interceptors V, 2.18M SP in gunnery, and an awesome name.

Auction will end on October 13th, 12:00 PM US CT.

you must be in a NPC corp and begin with the character in auction, or answer with her to confirm.

Confirmed… I am indeed on the auction block… :slight_smile:

4,5 bil :slight_smile:

Please comply with the following, in addition to what you have written:

  1. Inform your player corp about your intention of sale and then drop to NPC Corp.
  2. Create the sales thread with the character being sold.

Thank you :blush: