WTA: Sexy Sister, 11.7M SP Interceptor Pilot

I’d like to auction myself off. I’m an 11.7M SP Amarr interceptor and battlecruiser pilot and am available in Jita 4-4. There are no kill rights on me. I also have no jump clones, and I will be sold with a wallet balance of 0 isk and no assets.

Auction lasts 4 days.

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Starting price?

Starting price - 3B

Then let thy sexy sisters wish come True. 3B is what I shall bid on thee.

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3 days left.

3,5 bil
I have one question: how is this possible that you have amarr cruisers to V and even amarr battlecruisers to IV, but you don’t have injected amarr destroyers at all? I don’t understand something or skillboard is wrong.

I am a very old character and was dormant for a long time. My guess is that the prerequisites have changed since the training. In any case, I got my 150k skillpoint bonus this morning for logging in every day and will train amarr destroyers to lvl 4 before sale.

Done. See updated link - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sexy_Sister.

Now 12.17M skillpoints.

Since you said 3 days left I will wait until the end to place my final bid.


I’ll accept an 7.5B buyout. Otherwise, I’ll let the auction proceed as planned.

2 days left.

6 bil buyout as agreed in game… please confirm accept on thread as well since old character please confirm you will be doing transfer with payment to ccp and not plex as plex is not usable for transfers anymore.

6 bil buyout now??? I think a few of us offered that already lol…

I confirm buyout and that I will pay transfer to CCP and understand that this cannot be paid in PLEX.

isk and account info sent

Isk recieved. Transfering now.


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