WTA minmatar 7.6 mill sp Svipul pilot that is only 8 days away from flying Sabre cyber 5, biology 5!

(Lullabi) #1


primary clone located in dodixie has:
has +5 for primary 4 and +4 for charisma
has 5% hardwires for large turret damage, large projectile damage, medium projectile damage and fall off

jump clone located in high sec has just +3 set excluding charisma

decent gunnery can fly Svipul with sabre only 11 days and 12 hours away needs 2 books for just waiting on propulsion jamming to finish to 5.

basic shield skills and the 2 core armor skills
cybernetics 5 and biology 5
positive sec status
no kill rights
positive wallet
has lots of skills injected
all ccp rules apply (will be using 1000 plex via support ticket)

starting bid 6 bill
buy out: make a serious offer.

(Winston Onzo) #2

need to drop corp

(Doltress) #3

did that before posting not my fault the skill page takes time to update.

(Lullabi) #4

topward we go what an exciting journey

(Lullabi) #7

up we go the top of the sales floor to find a new home.

(SubjectSeth) #8

Let’s do it for 5b plzzzz

(Lullabi) #15

Top of the forum we go

(SubjectSeth) #16

I can bid the starting amount of 6bil.

(Lullabi) #17

topward we got still for sale highest bid 6 bill but looking for a bit more sabre is now only 9 days and 11 hours away and growing closer with each day!

(SubjectSeth) #18

Would you close for 6.25b?

(Lullabi) #19

up we go and now only 8.5 days away from sabre!

(SubjectSeth) #20

when does auction end?

(Lullabi) #21

topward we go

(SubjectSeth) #22

If I offer 7b would you sell to me today?

(Lullabi) #23

I can do 7b but it would not be fast as i am currently low on funds in real life so it will be done via 1000 plex and support ticket which takes a little longer for CCP to process.

if that is fine with you i am good with the 7 bill offer

(SubjectSeth) #24

that will be fine. I am buy plex now :smiley: bare with me

(Lullabi) #25

i already have the plex in the plex value i just have to file a support ticket for transfer once the isk is received and you eve mail the name of the account to transfer it to.

(SubjectSeth) #26

so I eve mail it to Lullabi?

(Lullabi) #27

yes isk goes to character for sale (i then have to move it where i need it before transfer) and you send in game eve-mail to this char with the name of the account to transfer it to

(SubjectSeth) #28

where do I sell the plex?