WTS - 5.4m SP Stripped Pilot - Svipul/Sabre

I’m selling my former main, stripped his SP, now he is a great starter/alt for someone, or an injector farm.

Sliddhy Silf’s EVEBoard

Here are the highlights:

  • 2 Remaps Available
  • Minmatar Destroyer V
  • Can Fly Svipul and Sabre
  • Still has solid Shield skills and decent Nav skills
  • Can use T2 small projectiles, and all support skills for gunnery still IV
  • Cybernetics IV
    Price - 4.5b

Like I said, a fantastic alt or starting point for someone, or you can use it to injector farm.

All CCP Rule Apply, located in high sec, positive wallet and sec status, no killrights, seller pays transfer fee, etc.

Thank you for looking.

Can you make it cheaper?

If you buy it tonight I’d do 4.25b

I’ll think about it. I’m going to buy it now,Can the character be used to brush strange?

I don’t know what that means, but if you’re willing to buy, send isk and account info

I hope it’s cheaper,I can trade now.

Yep send the isk to the pilot Sliddhy Silf in game, and then eve mail me your account login name and I’ll transfer

No response from that person, still for sale!

please confirm
isk ready

ill make it 4.2b

Sorry I was away for a few days. If Special Op gets back to me then the pilot is his for 4.2b, otherwise still accepting offers.

To the top! No contact from previous parties, still for sale!


Accepted, please send ISK and account info :slight_smile:

I apologize. I found another toon that better meets my needs.

Offer withdrawn.

Best of luck with the sale.


NP thanks anyway, still for sale!

3.0 bil

4bn B/O. Offer good until midnight tonight

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