Svipul, 8.7 (1.5mil sp Unallocated) Minmatar AF/TD/Inty

Location: Jita
EveSkillboard: Svipul
No killrights for or against
Positive wallet and sec status
No assets included
2 free remaps available
0 unused skill points
NPC noob Corp. No prior Corp history.

8.7 mil SP minny starter character, Same name as what she flys. T2 tank and small projectiles.

Auction ends June 20 @ 1800 eve time
Starting bid: 6 bil
Buyout: 10 bil

I can give you 3Bil for that.

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Sorry but your bid does not meet my minimum nor the costs for transfer.
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Please note I will only consider the set minimum bid offers and greater to be acceptable. Any offers lower than this will not be considered, and will not be up for debate. If you feel the price is not what you wish to pay, keep looking through the hundreds of other posts on this forum. Otherwise, you are bumping this thread needlessly and being disrespectful to the other sellers. Thank you.

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6b offer :slight_smile:

Thank you for the offer. Going to give it another 24 24 hrs to see where things are at, and if still interested I’d sell at that time.

7b for the win…love the name btw

Thank you, it is rare to get a character with the same name as a ship in this game :wink:

I accept your offer of 7 Bil. Please send the ISK to this character and account name to transfer to in game and notify me here when it is sent and I will initiate the transfer process. Thank you :slight_smile:

Account info and isk transferred…
hopefully i will see her in the morning!! cheers.

ISK received, thank you :slight_smile:
Character transferred to the account name listed in game. Thank you for the sale :slight_smile:

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