Normally, name auctions are pretty dumb, but this one is a bit unique. Selling this character Svipul who, as you could guess, flies a Svipul. I guess can also fly Minny Assault Frigs and Intys as well.

No killrights, positive Sec Status
Located in High Sec. NPC Corp.
Comes with no salable assets. Per CCP rules, ISK received to this character

Auction open for one week until Wednesday, August 13, 2019 @ 1800 Evetime
All bids here as the character is no longer played.
Starting bid: 8 Bil
B/O: ??? make a good offer I guess? don’t worry, I’m not unreasonable (100Billionsnao!)

Available for offers.

The only comments needed to be made in this thread are bids and buyout offers. TD V is only a little over 600k SP remaining of which the buyer has the option to apply some of the 1.5 mil unallocated skillpoints towards. Or they may apply them towards many other supports a 9 mil SP character would be expected to still need to train. Your comments are off topic and push other sellers sale threads down in the list. Any further comment will be flagged as off topic for moderation.

Bids and buyout offers are welcome.

Still accepting offers

Up to the top, happy to take bids and offers.

Still taking offers


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