WTS 40Mil SP PvP Pilot


DISCLAIMER: I haven’t played EVE in a long time so forgive me if there are any discrepancies in what I state in this thread. Some of my information may be dated circa 2014-2015 EVE.

This is a super focused Destroyer & Frigate Pilot only. She can fly all the T2/T3 variants and can fit them all. The only thing she is unable to fit is interdiction sphere launchers for the T2 destroyers.


No kill rights, no jump clones, positive wallet, -1.4 sec status, and probably located in Jita.

Fun little insignificant tidbit: This pilot was the first one to kill a Svipul when it was introduced to EVE. Proof, also RIP themittani.com.

32 bil

33 bil

34 bil

Bid retracted.

Good luck!

34,5 bil

What’s the B/O and deadline for bids?

Sorry guy I’m going to have close the bidding/thread. I haven’t played in a while and I didn’t know you can’t use PLEX to transfer character’s anymore. I really don’t feel like spending $20 at the moment to do so.

Alright, if the bidding for this toon ever re-opens send me a mail in-game. I’d be very interested.

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