[WTA] two (7m, 6m SP) mass production industrial toons

This auction stands for TWO (2) characters combined.

  • each one can mass produce 10 simultaneous
    1. subcap t1 ships (upto BS)
    2. subcap t2 modules
    3. t1 rigs (upto capital)
  • related science / production / rigging skills loaded & trained
  • +5 intelligence & +5 memory implants
  • 0.8m unallocated SP you can instantaneously assign to whatever you like
  • positive wallet
  • no negative standing / no kill & death / 0.0 security
  • in Jita 4-4
  • born in 2009
  • no jump clone installed

Starting bid : 9B
BuyOut : 13B

All CCP rules apply

Nell Gwynn

  • 7.4m (6.6m + 0.8m unallocated) SP
  • two additional remap remained
  • Cyno ready w/ starbase defense injected (handy in null & low)

Olivia Blundell

  • 6.6m (5.8m + 0.8m unallocated) SP
  • three additional remap remained

daily bump

daily bump. up for sale.

Bump. Up for sale.

Still for sale?

Yes. Still available for sale.

Is this price for both characters or each character?

Yes, for both characters.

up for sale

8b if available.

I’ll offer 10b as a buyout for the pair; if you can transfer them tonight.

CORRECTION: If you can transfer 1 of them tonight- they will both be going to the same account.

10.5 bill would be my offer

Meh; fine; I’ll do the 13B B/O; if you can start the transfer today.

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