WTS I sell two characters at once. 1 characters173 кк SP .2 characters 44 kk SP

two characters are sold at once

  1. both have a positive wallet balance
  2. everyone has implants for plus 5 characteristics.
  3. the main character has a combat clone with combat implants on missiles and shields +5
  4. on both characters there is no right to kill
  5. characters are located on the station in a highly secure system.0.9 region of AMARR
  6. characters with a positive degree of security.

the initial auction price is 155 thousand crowns. the purchase price is 165 KKK.
the transfer fee is $ 40 for two characters at my expense, as specified in the CCP rules.
links to view the characters below
1 https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/argonecsid
2 https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yandera

You need to post the thread with characters being sold as per CCP rules. At a minimum, make a comment with each one here, starting that they are being sold.

154bil purchase two characters

characters are still being sold, say your adequate price

characters are fully ready for sale, two characters for 160kkk

Again, you need to post with the characters being sold, as per CCP rules.

characters are still being sold.

characters are fully ready for sale, two characters for 160kkk,

“155 thousand crowns”

Would you accept coca cola caps instead?

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are you ready to buy two characters for 155? if Yes, write to me in the game. payment for Coca Cola is not accepted))

If both characters are put on this post with comments from both to say they are for sale, I may be interested…

just a second, I’ll do it

my second character that I sell along with the base. if you are interested in the offer write in the game on the basis or on the second. characters are ready to transfer.


characters are still being sold.

characters are fully ready for sale, two characters for 160kkk,

@argonecsid could you transfer Yandera to mee as agreed? I already paid its transfer 1d ago…

I suggest you contact CCP. This smelled like a scam from the beginning

Thanks. I opened a ticket… I really needed a toon like than one… damn…

sorry for the wait, the character was transferred to your account.there were questions to the support service and to the GM masters.
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yandera <<<----- sold Circumagus

the character is on sale for a ransom of 140kkk, now there will be no problems with the transfer. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/argonecsid

Please have the characters for sale confirm they are for sale. Thank you.