WTS I sell two characters at once. 1 characters173 кк SP .2 characters 44 kk SP


so I also updated the message that one character is sold and the second one is being sold yet, and the price was updated.

is the argonecsid character sold then or still available?

Yes for sale, want to buy? are you satisfied with the purchase price of 140ккк?

140bil right? then yes ready to buy

I agree, but the transfer of the character and the transaction will be made in the evening at 22.00 Moscow time, I have to work now, write to me in the game please.

Thanks mate!
confirmed character received!

perfect… just sent you a message in game

look forward mate :slight_smile:

I apologize very much, it was not my fault that there was a delay, successful flights

Don’t worry!
it was the character I wanted!
Now I will continue to skill her up! :slight_smile:

let me know when your online. ill transfer the isk

I Confirm ISK and my account name info has been sent

but its been 10 hours since you said you have initiated the transfe rbut I have not recieved any email of such

good day, you will be able to solve the problem of trying to complete the transaction to transfer the character for FieryCorn but is worth what the blockage already the second time with the first sale individual which YANDERA, was accurately so same and man had to wait and me listen to that I such bad. I contacted the support service, but there is still silence.

That is not an issue I am able to solve. You will have to file a support ticket and be patient.

I understand, thank you, I submitted the application 12 hours ago.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode does it usually take this long for ccp to get back? still waiting on this char

sorry, I’m still waiting for an answer, don’t worry about your character’s isk. as soon as they respond, I’ll give it to you.

I think you should give him his ISK back if he wants it. Your account having problems is no excuse for holding someone’s 140Bil.

Hi, you gave me the name of a nonexistent account!!! send me an email in the game or here write the name of the account to which you need to translate the character!!!. they just responded with support, they don’t have such an account.let’s wait.

and you would be advised not to interfere in conversations and solve problems that do not affect you in any way.