WTS I will sell two characters at once 173 kk sp in 43kk sp

I will sell two characters at once
1 https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/argonecsid
2 https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yandera
total cost for two people 200 kkk. I amarr a story in real life https://www.eveonline.com/monument
no discount. if you want it we’ll take it like this

Yandera : 30 billion ready immediately

argonecsid : 125bil
Yandera : 30.5bil

Yan: 31 bill

argonecsid : 125bil
Yandera : 31.5bil

Yandera 32.5b


poslednyaya tsena 190, na sklade yest’ gotovyye chertezhi-originaly 20 \ 20,(primerno na 5 milliardov) yest’ korabli gotovyye v fite (primerno na
7 milliardov)dlya vyleta, tak zhe yest’ v bezopasnosti primerno 10 milliardov korabley i moduley v raznykh regionakh
the last price is 190, in the warehouse there are ready-made original drawings 20 \ 20, (about 5 billion) there are ships ready in fit (about
7 billion) for departure, there are also about 10 billion ships and modules in different regions safe

if you have questions about personal or in the game by nickname

The sale involves only characters and does not take into account blueprints, ships, items, and similar. You might want to remove all assets from the character prior to the sale.

izvinyayus’, no personazhy prodayutsya tol’ko srazu dva. ya prosto iz-za zavyshenoy otsenki proshu takuyu summu,iz-za togo chto v aktivakh yest’ ochen’ mnogo poleznykh veshchey.
I apologize, but the characters are sold only two at once. I simply ask for such an amount because of an overestimated estimate, because there are so many useful things in assets.

Read the rules: this is against the rules as stated by CCP.

The price reflects ONLY the character.

no problem, the auction was nand immediately announce that I will pass only two characters at once. and buying two at once.ot held, the initial auction price is 190 ккк

I just want your characters. The price offered is only for your characters.

argonecsid : 125bil

sorry, but I’ll only sell two at once.

Two for sale? Not for sale alone, right?

I offer 156bil for two

two characters, the lowest discount 190 ккк

I agree to 160 ккк, will it suit you?