WTA Science / Industry / PI Pilot 16M SP

(edvind) #1


- 16M SP focused on science and industry skills
- 4 remaps available
- Cybernetics V
- Advanced Industry V
- Advanced Mass Production V
- Advanced Small Ship Construction V
- Advanced Laboratory Operation V
- Major science skills IV, can do almost everything you want

Start bid: 9b
B/O: Make me an offer
Auction ends 13/06/18

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #2

12b b/o

(Captainamazing) #3

12.5b bo

(edvind) #4

Bump, if no new bid in 12 hours I will accept @Captainamazing 's 12.5b offer.

(Hellfir) #5

13 Bil BO

(edvind) #6

@Hellfir offer accepted, plz send me your account info in game

(Hellfir) #7

Will do as soon as I get home from work about an hour or so from this post.

(Hellfir) #8

Isk has been sent at agreed price and account name provided.

Awaiting transfer confirmation :slight_smile:


(Captainamazing) #9

13.5b offer

(edvind) #10

Since new offer comes in the auction will extend until DT of 13/06/18.

(Hellfir) #11

13.75bil offer

(edvind) #12

Since there’s no further offer from @Captainamazing, the toon goes to @Hellfir. Please send me the rest of the money so I can carry on with the transfer process.

(Sonya Markelova) #13

Wait 24 hour and i give you 15kkk.
Pls wait tomorow!

(edvind) #14

Hi friend if you really want to buy plz do it NOW.

(Hellfir) #15

Additional 750mil has been sent.

Please initiate the transfer when you can.

(edvind) #16

Done, enjoy.

(Hellfir) #17

Another player is transferring the character edvind to your account named ********

email received much appreciated

(system) #18

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