WTA Science / Industry / PI Pilot 16M SP


- 16M SP focused on science and industry skills
- 4 remaps available
- Cybernetics V
- Advanced Industry V
- Advanced Mass Production V
- Advanced Small Ship Construction V
- Advanced Laboratory Operation V
- Major science skills IV, can do almost everything you want

Start bid: 9b
B/O: Make me an offer
Auction ends 13/06/18

12b b/o

12.5b bo

Bump, if no new bid in 12 hours I will accept @Captainamazing 's 12.5b offer.

13 Bil BO

@Hellfir offer accepted, plz send me your account info in game

Will do as soon as I get home from work about an hour or so from this post.

Isk has been sent at agreed price and account name provided.

Awaiting transfer confirmation :slight_smile:


13.5b offer

Since new offer comes in the auction will extend until DT of 13/06/18.

13.75bil offer

Since there’s no further offer from @Captainamazing, the toon goes to @Hellfir. Please send me the rest of the money so I can carry on with the transfer process.

Wait 24 hour and i give you 15kkk.
Pls wait tomorow!

Hi friend if you really want to buy plz do it NOW.

Additional 750mil has been sent.

Please initiate the transfer when you can.

Done, enjoy.

Another player is transferring the character edvind to your account named ********

email received much appreciated

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