WTA Unique Hurricane with Large rigs


Hurricane fitted with 2x Large Salvage Tackle I rigs.
Location: Hek (Minmatar highsec trade hub)

Starting price: 100M ISK
Reserve: 150M ISK
Buyout price: 250M ISK
Bidding increments: 10M ISK (offers which doesn’t follow increments are invalid)

Auction ends: 15.07.2017 (this Saturday) @ 20:00 EVE Time (or until buyout is offered)
Please, place your bids in this forum thread only. EVE Mail will not be monitored.

No delivery.

This collectible is from the time when a dedicated salvaging ship (Noctis) didn’t exist. Mostly destroyers were used back then for after-mission salvaging and many used battlecruisers as well.

Rigs were in their first iteration and there were no different rig sizes. So, if you, for example, had a Salvage Tackle rig, it would fit on any ship regardless of the ship’s size. When the second iteration of rigs was implemented, all old rigs were automatically converted by CCP to their Large versions. Ships which had rigs fitted to them received these Large rigs regardless of ship class. In this case, a Hurricane was left with two fitted Large Salvage Tackle I rigs.

Repackaging the ship will destroy the fitted rigs and you’ll be left with a plain old Hurricane! If you choose to buy this ship, do not repackage it.

Only two large rigs, and they’re salvage rigs. I’ll give you a pity 75m for it.