WTA Victory Skins (Sansha, Guristas, Serpentis) + 2 rare Avatar skins

Multiple ship skin:

Guristas Victory Skin - Starts with 15B with a BO of 19B
Sansha Victory Skin - Starts with 17.5B with a BO of 24B
Serpentis Victory Skin - Starts with 16B with a BO of 26B

Avatar only skins:

Avatar Capsuleer Elite XV Skin - Starts with 2.3B with BO of 3B
Avatar Imperial Jubilee Skin - Starts with 6B with a BO of 7.5B

All skins are located in Jita

First bid will start the 24 hours countdown for the auction to end.
Increments of 300M for victory skins.
Increments of 100m for Avatar skins.

Happy bidding.

All privately sold.