WTB, 10B for billboard made for Gas Co. 3b down

Quick scene flash of fly by of scanning ship, then PVP fleet, miner and then hauler. “Is your hull full?” scene change to Gas Co engineering complex with people coming and going tethered and a jump freighter cyno’d in “Drop it off at Gas Co”, scene change out to logo and Gas Co name, “Galaxy wide buyback” appearing under logo.

Need examples and references. Would like all footage to be actual in game footage of ships in space and at a Gas Co site on Tranquility or the test server.

https://www.twitch.tv/evegasco has more info on what Gas Co is.

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Gas Co is still looking. I’ll change the stipulations and drop a Gas Co on the test server. If you want to send watermarked footage of the scenes described I’ll give you the 3b down and the Gas Co logo file. Upon watermarked completion of the billboard I’ll transfer the remaining isk for the final video. I’ll update this with the gas co location on the test server. We will also need to add “Hauling services by PushX. pushx.net”, with the PushX logo I will provide, to the billboard.

The Gas Co site on the test server is located in Vard on planet 1, two jumps out from Rens.

If your hard off to find a jump freighter pilot I can log in and do the jump with two of my characters.

You will also be noted under Gas Co web pages and have Gas Co’s recommendation for any queries regarding services obtained in the future. If the billboard is ran around the eve universe and you would be available. A proven track record of a professional individual to produce billboards is in dire need at this time eve wide.

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