Gas Co. is having a billboard contest. 4b isk to the winner

Submissions end 8/15. 4b isk to the winner. Details are on our twitch page.

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Less than ten days left. Not a lot of submissions. At this point entering a video would give you a high chance of winning 4b isk.

Spent 5 mouse clicks on Twitch page and cant find any info about this contest or what Gas Co. even is (kinda necessary if you want to make an ad).

Hmm, the contest info is on the viewing screen and Gas Co info is below the viewing screen. You might not be on the EveGasCo front page?

Ok I assume the video is not a video because even with noscript and adblock disabled it doesn’t play.
The description is way down, found it.

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please don’t use twitch for promotional video material, you just shoot yourself in the foot. use youtube instead, because their videos run just fine everywhere, while with twitch that’s not actually a given. plus, their site is a disgusting mess. you’ll have better reach that way too, and likely also attract a smarter audience.


i’ve clicked this, thinking it’s about an image and the 4 billion seemed nice for that. for a video, though, four billion is the equivalent of ripping off an intern. it’s not worth the effort for an equivalent of 40 bucks worth of grinding.

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I tried to get a hold of the guy on the billboard in game, but couldn’t pay him to make one since I haven’t been able to get a hold of him and it has been months. I figured 4b to not be able to dictate what the billboard would be would give people the chance to show their chops. I would gladly pay 6b to one person for what I want. I figured some people would like to show their chops and have a chance to show others what their skills are and be publicly available for services.

The one person who has had eve wide advertising doesn’t seem to be available. Eve could use some people to be. I would rather purchase services from someone who has actually made a billboard before that I could see with my own eyes than take their word that it would be good and pay them the collateral to start production. I bet a lot of people would be disappointed in the end after going that route.

I was unaware of the twitch problems but decided to use the service due to CCP’s in game support. This is all Eve content driven. If it doesn’t make content in Eve I could care less. Gas Co is all about trying to jump start eve from within CCP’s system. If your not interested I understand but the more there is to do in Eve and outside of it the better. I hope the people that do submit get lots of isk because the only person I have seen offering proven services has not been supplying services.

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Which CCP removed back in July. lol

You either lower your expectations or get ready to pay big time for a billboard ad. I suspect you do not fully understand what it takes to create a video.

  • First of all its the skill and knowledge part. The average price for pro video editing per hour is around 150 €.
  • Editor’s willingness to work for isk. Although I play other games too, I like editing eve videos. Call it a hobby.

The reason for which I refused you right off the bat, aside from the fact that I have my hands full with other eve related projects, was that in the evemail you sent me you wanted custom made scenes, with lots of other complicated special requests and the tone you used was like you were a real paying customer who just overpaid me for a project that needs to be done asap.

Secondly, it would take a minimum of 10 working hours to complete such an endeavour (shooting, brushing, testing and adding effects, rendering, revising included). For 10 bil with 3bil in advance LOL condition that’s a major nono for everybody who knows whats what.

I estimate a fair price for what you are asking is around 40-70bil. Pijammaton. Coming back to what I was saying earlier, lower the complexity of your project OR pay the bill. I’d suggest using a different tone altoghether.

Good luck with your contest.


Yaosus, when you expect money upfront your expected not to lie. Here is a screen shot of the mail I sent you. You most definitely did not do anything of the sort. I’m going to leave out how you responded to me being undecided after this screen shot. I would not sully my name like that if I were you. I’ll leave a link to this in your add since you are so adamant about lying in public. Especially on someone else’s add who is looking for services.

Photo of Yaosus’s fib.

The trade is guaranteed by CCP so money upfront is not a real problem. You left out the part where you start demanding fleet movements etc. I know you’re not very bright so I am going to explain it to you. Capturing the raw footage and working with the material are two different things.

Read your eve mail. Those are exactly the scenes I asked for. When I described the scenes you would provide I meant them literally. When I ask for specific scenes I was literally asking you for them, these specific scenes I’m literally saying I’ll give you 10b for, which you seem to be implying was not what I was asking for? Don’t make me post the screen shot of the rest of our convo. The rest was literally you being all about it and then getting all offended and upset when I said I wasn’t going to give you the 10b up front right away as I still had an add out. Read your Eve mail. You can’t seriously be thinking what your saying is real. You can read your own Eve mail and know what your saying isn’t remotley close to the truth.

hold on, the title in your post says 4 bill. Did you up the reward? Because if you did… :upside_down_face:

I have an ad out for 10b for a billboard. It’s 3 bil given on watermarked proof of in game footage then the remaining 7bil will be given upon watermarked completed billboard for the un-watermarked submittable version for CCP. The ad is in the forum link below. So far no takers.

Don’t make you post what? You asking for fleet movements with “peons” LOL Jfs cynoed in, moving images of the complex, people docking and undocking from that particular complex etc.

Coz you pissed me off here’s what you conveniently left out :

The moment I smelled you I knew you were just fishing for free stuff or unaware of the complexity of the things you ask.

Liar liar pants on fire.

Ok, I’ll just show the whole chain Yaosus. If you can’t read your mail and want to cherry pick we’ll just let the whole thing out. You were acting childish and still are. And lied about it to vent due to your childish ways. You got angry because I wasn’t ready to make a discussion yet and threw a fit. I was trying to avoid this and just point out how you were lying. Let the world decide.

Lying about what? Could you please be more specific?

Why would I be angry? I declined quite a few projects due to the fact that my time is really limited when it comes to gaming at the moment. I do have the right to be selective with my clients, you know, democracy and stuff.

I just noticed you were asking for a lot of things while offering jack ■■■■. I politely declined any collaboration with you (I do this in rl too, quite a lot) when I spot a shitty deal or a lowballing moth.

How was I lying and about what?

There’s a nice video on your services topic.

LOL. Looks like you’ve been living under a rock for all this time. If you SELL anything for isk and you run a sales thread on the forums, the actual sale is guaranteed by CCP in terms of, you cannot take the isk and walk away. A simple petition would reverse the transaction.

I must thank you for advertising my services further. Yesterday I picked up another client while you were trash posting my sales thread :slight_smile: