WTB 10mil+ sp characters!

WTB 10mil+ sp characters! Don’t care about stats, kill rights, sec status, or anything! Just care about sp!

Give me a link to your character, your offer and I will try to respond as soon as I can. I am a little busy at the moment so I may not be able to get to everyone. Please do not spam the listing too bad. Don’t be afraid to send me an EvE mail, would prefer to get spammed on EvE mail then here. Seeing mail in EvE makes me feel loved. :slight_smile:

I’m mainly looking to buy cheap, worn out accounts that buyers wouldn’t want due to their sec stats and stuff, so bottom line I’m looking for cheap, but decent sp characters.

Thank you,

Liam Karnwield(Or also Ray Dawnsblood in case you feel sketchy about the fact the Liam Karnwield account is a youngster)


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