WTB 20-50m pilot

maybe this interest you ?

near 4m of points available, is injected of many ships and many of the points are in combat subcapital.


I am interested in her, how many skill points would it take to fly a dreadnought class battleship the fastest or how long would it take, I will assess if this is what I need and if it is suitable I can offer an initial price of 12B.

Checking her in game , her t2 weapons are lasers, then revelation is the more suitable to you.

Surely you can use around 3million to use dreadnought (need book)), ut because she is already in per/wil, i think you have two main paths :slight_smile:

1 ) use the ponts to jump capabilitie and prerequisites as science, you can go with any other per/wil weapons
2 ) jump her aap as revelation, ttrain the level weapons you want, and the switch to in/per to jumping.

By the way, you can extract her 39 injectors = (39*.340m) = 13.26b, plus the value of the char, the convenience of 4m points , be 2005 char, and the implants. I think 15b is the price of this, 12 simple is not business. 15b is good price and 16b is reasonable too.

can do the sell now if u want, and can confirm wirh her.

Yeah 12b is lowballing for that toon, gl with your purchase OP


I will go to sleep, for the OP the price is 15b, if any other interested is 15.5b c u tomorrows guys, i can confirm and accept with her, but is high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, etc.

Yes, I am still interested in her, but 15B is way over the deal price for that amount of skill points, maybe we can talk, what do you think about 14B, I am buying the character with great sincerity and hope both parties can get a happy deal.

Sorry, I just noticed this reply.

24m - 5m = 19m (skill points that can be extracted)
19m * 2 = 38 (number of skill injectors that can be redeemed)
38 * 0.3 = 11.4B (market value of skill injectors)

I estimated a value of 12B based on this formula. Of course, I don’t think this character really has to be used as a skill extractor and could reasonably command a premium, but she does have some drawbacks, such as a lower engineering skill level, that make me have to talk some isk to compensate, and for that reason, I think a return price of 14B is more than reasonable.

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If it costs more then this would not be a cost effective option and I would choose to move on to another character at


The amount of money I would need to spend to train her up to near 50m skill points would have to be well over 14B, she would only need 14B now to meet my requirements, then another character I could consider training to be a regular level combat number rather than a flagship level so I could save budget to achieve my goal, if this deal does not work out then the other account I am buying would need an additional If this deal doesn’t work out, then the other account I’m buying will require an additional investment to achieve both the regular and flagship combat functions.

I am telling you this honestly in the hope that you can understand the trade-offs I am making for something that makes sense for bargaining purposes.

Sorry, value of extractor/injector is is .34, no .30. Really your formula is flawed. You are not considering the price of the raw first 5m points, and 15 is a low price, really.

Not interested in your price, have a good iday.

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Well, I guess I have no better option than to accept the offer of 15B.

So what do you plan to trade? isk or plex.

you cnt do the deal in plex, need be isk. I enter in a moment with leona to accept trade.

I accept the sale of me, for 15b

I am a 24.6m character , i am pln high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

Please sent the 15b to me and a eve emal with the account to be transnferred.

Ok, please wait, I’m still at work when I get home and then sell the plex wallet balance for isk, which will probably take no more than 4h.

The account for the transfer is CN-xLeaves and I will continue to reply here when it is completed.

Understand. Please answer the thread when you sent the isk and the account name.

isk The transfer is complete, please check.

Transfer is done, i am in perimeter.

Please answer the thread when you receive the Real world mail sent by CCP.

I suggest you to erase the Account name in this thread, because is ad practice.

I have received an email confirming the use of this account for the transfer.

Thanks, please edut your message wirth the account name. Enjoy.

Still looking for a char?

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