WTB 200-600m sp characterS with nice nickname

Hi everyone! send here your data please. im not a traider. good money)

Priority is subcap>dreads>carriers>motherships>titans


I am 200m pvp sub, how much?

Link your skills please

Lets speak and decide which amount will be good for us. I can everyday after 12utc

We made atentative deal of 255b for myself, to be confirmed in five hours. Positive wallet, no killing rights, i am in high sec, not leave my alliance until receive the isk.

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im waiting till u come from work and prepare your character to selling(npc corp. possitive wallet. etc. than made a

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my character is ready and i am online.

Already accept to myself, and waiting the isk and account name. I am in high sec no killing rights, i am in positive wallet and i pay the transfer, all ccp rules apply. I am in my own alliance and as i sayd before i need receive the isk and accounb name and itransfer ASAP.

Can u please create the new selling post, enter the npc corp do all the stuff like in rules in this forum please? Then i send u isk and name of new account. I understood that u are a big guy in politic and so on but still very hard to contact u on nowadays. Please do the post and we will start!

already in way to do so.

thread created