WTB 2003 Character w/200M+ SP

I’m looking to buy another 2003 character with 200M+ SP AND hopefully not a terrible name.

Please don’t post your character if you’re not serious about selling.

Looking to spend 250-300B but exceptions can be made for the right character.

B u m p

Still looking O.O

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Bishop_Star 72.5MIL SP 2003

Me for 362b :slight_smile:

@Alexandra_Belani and I made a deal in game for 362B.

I will transfer ISK and account information shortly.

Accepted, and agreed to the deal :slight_smile:

ISK recieved

PLEX: Transfer ordered

Still looking for 2003 characters

lots of unallocated SPs

360 bil
evemail Warrior Xena if interested.

Transfer completed

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I am still looking for possibly 1 more 2003 character if anyone is interested in selling and not just price checking their character.

I will be traveling for the next 2 weeks and I will be unable to respond here during that time. If you’re interested in selling please post here and I will contact you when I get back.

I am for sale, 2004 toon over 240m sp.


I did say it was 2004

Back from vacation and available to respond to any offers.

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