WTB 250+ Million SP Character

(Titan Fires) #1

Willing to pay top ISK for any Character over 250+ million SP! Serious offers only. Characters over 300+ Million SP, will get higher offers! Top ISK paid!

(Titan Fires) #2

Bump up

(Skyy) #3

Humor me… 257m SP.

I might be serious for the right offer. Feel free to email me in game. Cheers.

(Titan Fires) #5

300 Billion ISK, can send immediately

(Titan Fires) #6

All accounts will not be resold. This is for personal use.

(Candy Knight) #7

do you like my pilot?

(Miyamoto Uroki) #8
WTS 260m SP perfect subcap pvp char
(Titan Fires) #9

209 Billion ISK for Candy Knight

(Titan Fires) #10

280 Billion ISK for Miyamoto Uroki

WTS 260m SP perfect subcap pvp char
(P G One) #12


(Taraas Enko) #13


Everything has its price

(Thorgril) #14


perfect for the right price

(P G One) #15

How much

(Emorius) #16