WTS 260m SP perfect subcap pvp char


  • Perfect subcap pvp char, currently training capital stuff.

  • Can fly all subcap combat ships with max skills.

  • Char has served me well as AT team char for Camel Empire and HYDRA reloaded
    (since items are not allowed in sales, will throw in a AT gold medal as separate contract for free)

  • 14k kills to build upon: https://zkillboard.com/character/951088219/

  • Multiple PvP clones complete with 5% hardwirings;
    (check eveskillboard Jump clones tab for exact locations and implants)

  • 2x MG Snakes

  • Genolutions

  • HG Crystals

  • HG Talisman

  • HG Halo

  • +5s learning clone

  • no unallocated SP

  • Positive Wallet

  • No killrights

  • Sec status: -0.33

  • Character will be located in high sec (Jita)

  • Free bonus of having one of the only Etana losses on TQ

All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer fee


230 billion to open…



Still interested. Bump to 240 billion.

Don’t know what kind of price are you expected? @ Miyamoto Uroki
Offer 241B

You guys are still not bidding above mine as I offered Miyamoto Uroki 280 Billion ISK a couple of days ago on my WTB post. Here’s the copy.

Titan Fires


280 Billion ISK for Miyamoto Uroki

That’s normal, we don’t see your bid on this thread .
You were well hiden in the attached thread ( WTB 250+ Million SP Character )

285B isk

285.5B isk


287 billions


289 billions

290B ISK

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