WTB 250m-500m SP Subcap PvP char

Send me your qsna links + how much you would like for the char.
The more focused the tune the more isk/sp Im willing to spend.

I have not use for this pilot currently,

Maybe Interested in this

Name : Ritek (20 years old)
249.67 applied
22.84 not applied
272.51 m sp

Books Injected 8.1b
clones value .89b

Rare skins:
have the Draugur / ikitursa and nergal Nifhel Gildclaw skins

rare Book:
Mobile refinery operation (useless but bragging rights)

The character have too an alliance with a nice logo

If interested answer the thread

One condition : This char have hundreds of itmes in high sec i need some hours if we make a deal, to contract to other char because some of the ship have containers inside and i need go to the place.

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How much are you wanting for this toon?

Offer, really not much use now but need be more than 250b

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Im interested in this toon. I could likely afford it in a couple of weeks or so. If you haven’t sold him by then, would you do 255b? I’m not sure if i can make much more than that in that amount of time

Probably yes. i am not in hurry for sell. Seek me by evemail when you can. I read the mail daily

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Brdr do u read your ingame emails?!?!

i rarely play that char, but i use other character in that account and yes, i read the eve mails.

So why u dont contact me till this moment?

Lets speak r n

I cant use discord in the work. I can enter in the game but no use discord. I work in a gov secretary in latin american and have dumb firewall rules.

Yesterday i go direct to sleep and cant enter for that.

Literally now in thepilot ritek in astation , and working in an excel.

Ok. Lets go ingame chat

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i wait 15 min in in game chat and nobody show. i return in 15 min, cleaning service in my office

im in game too!

i mail u. start chat. send u money with hello… Brdr where are u? is it bait or what? explain please

i am returning now. The cleaning service clean my office i receive 2000 isk

seek me in game

I can offer a better price

i am online. how much ?

Please wait a moment, I will communicate with you after I arrive at the company office

okey. here