WTB 3x Cyber 5, 5 Mil SP Characters

Looking to buy 3x Cyber 5, 5 Mil SP characters.

Bump, Still Looking

Still looking

Still looking?

Yes still looking for 1 more


How much are you looking for it?

7B unless you have an offer

I can do 5 bil for this toon

Brian Kazuko Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com) cybernetics 5.

Can do 6 Bil for this toon

i just ejected him from the player corp kazuko was in. were u talking to me?
also online and ready to recieve isk and acct info to send to.

sold if your are talking to me.

Sending you isk and account details

k ty im trying to get on the acct management page. and it keeps hanging up on my. i submited a ticket to resolve the issue so u can get my toon. i dont want to get in trouble for abusing the character bazaar when i intended not to.

edit: i just got to the page. the toon should come in at 10 hours from 11:25 est which i belive is also 15:25 eve time.

Sure thing I will wait till then thanks for updating me

Transfer Finished, Thanks. This thread can be closed

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