WTB 50-60 SP PVP/PVE Sub cap pilot

61m sp


hey sorry, can you update your character sheet? and add in all the skills by any chance? atm it says 52m sp not 61m. Also want to see what type of ships it can fly - also lookin for a price along with your character. Thanks again

Sorry forgot to update. Try again now. Looking for 70b.

Thank you for the update, I am going through the skills rq before I make a commitment.

Can do this on sunday, if noone else sends anything else that turns the tide.

Hey tomorrow, I will send the isk to you. If you are still up for sale. Can you confirm that you are still sellin the char?

Yes I can confirm. I will initiate transfer once isk and acc details are sent.

Hey there, haven’t heard from you today, so gonna give you another hour or so before I post a public thread to auction this char.

Hey sorry, just leaving work I should be home in a bit here to get it. Should have let you know

No worries! Have a few things to do IRL here anyway so was giving you a bit of time in case of timezones etc.

Hey are you able to wait another 24? all good if you dont want to I understand that. But i dont think I can make it on today to do the trade, I have the isk and everything ready just not able to log on today ( called on to work again … )

If it’s basically a done deal I can wait another 24, sure.

Yea ofcourse i want to buy it

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Can do this in 20 mins if you are ready

Yep I’ll be on for at least another few hours.

Isk sent, details sent

Confirmed received, character sent.

Got this for you if you’re still looking

Vittoria Harkonnen Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)


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