WTB 5m Extracted Hulk SP farm pilots

Like the title says I’m only interested in focused hulk pilot that’s been extracted. Don’t need anything beyond using a hulk. Don’t care about orca or whatever injected skills


How much are you paying? I have 17 of those with +5 already in

How much are you asking? Send a skillboard? I’m definitely not, currently, rich enough for all 17 but doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wanna buy em as I can/go depending on your timeline/need for isk.


Almost all identical

@aragnarok sorry for hijacking your post.

I might be interested in a few. How much are you looking for each one and what names do they have?


Amber Nolen
Lucas Aishai
Guinevere Tawate
Walter Jouhinen
Keira Hilanen
Don Uisen
Emmy Ikkala
Cedric Akiga
Elouise Fumimasa
Wesley Heleneto
Francine Paaltomo
Leon Yaken
Andrea Anneto
Felix Togenada
Yvonne Aakiwa
Hugh Heleneto
Laura Eistiras

price idk yet, but I assume somewhere around 5b to be worth the $ transfer?

It still possible to transfer via Plex to not have to use $?

I’m at work I’d be interested in a few. I’ll figure out specifics ~7pm PST after work. Thanks for patience.

It’s been between 1-2 years break I’m coming back from.

@Scarlett_Killer no worries at all haha all making it work getting ■■■■ done thanks for the help putting a dent in the 17 hulk pilot stockpile :smiley:

@aragnarok They removed Plex Transfers apparently so got to do it with hard cash now.

@Mad_Vemane eeek I was going to offer 3 Billion. I can meet you in the middle at 4 Billion but I won’t be able to go any higher than that (looking at another character so holding funds for that).

Thanks @Scarlett_Killer for educating me.

@Mad_Vemane Depending on the response from my previous message. I’m Interested in Felix, Yvonne, Lucas and Laura (seen Laura already). Could I see the character sheets for these please if it isn’t to much trouble.

rgr gimme 2-3 hours ill get you the eveskillboard

@Mad_Vemane I tried staying up but it’s 3 AM here. I’ll have to check them out tomorrow.

@Mad_Vemane I would like to buy all of them, offering 3.2B each




sorry for the delay got caught with ■■■■ irl

@Mad_Vemane No problem hope everything is alright.

I would be interested in Felix and Yvonne.
8 Billion all together for both characters I won’t be able to go any higher than that.

Pretty stiff on 5b per sorry, if we could still plex transfer I wold have gladly sold them all at 4b :confused:

Unfortunately I’m unable to match that price. All the best on the sales though.

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