WTB a character created before four years and three months

WTB a character created before four years and three months.This character needs to have never created or joined the hypernet.The fewer skill points the better.

I have 2 from, 2008 and 2018, cool names and models, never used hypernet and small amount of SP (sub 1mil) what are you paying ?

I have several older characters that have never used Hypernet and low SP (Most of them have no SP). The three newest ones are female with decent names, the other three are male. The oldest one has a very cool name and would probably go for more based off the name alone, let alone the earlier birthdate. He is currently the CEO of a player corp that could also be a fun corp. I have been tempted to drag him onto his own account in the past, but was using a small amount of time MCT to get a few SP, still very low.

Character 1:
Imperial Academy 2011.01.21 22:45 to this day (4252 Days)

Character 2:
School of Applied Knowledge 2010.12.21 02:26 to this day (4284 Days)

Character 3:
Science and Trade Institute 2010.02.16 22:59 to this day (4591 Days)

Character 4:
Hedion University 2010.02.03 03:33 to this day (4605 Days)

Character 5:
Republic University 2010.01.12 04:59 to this day (4627 Days)

Character 6:
2011.02.09 04:42 to this day (4234 Days)
University of Caille 2009.03.07 13:09 to 2011.02.09 04:42 (703 Days)
TOTAL = 4937 days

price for them please

I am looking for offers,
First time doing this so not sure what the ballpark is.

ah ok well i dont have a idea at all on the price as i do think a lot are very very over priced

I have a character with 6.2M skillpoints listed on the bazaar, created from before the hypernet, and having never joined it.

It is probably overpriced just like many others, because of my opportunity cost of real life currency that I have to pay to transfer my character to another account. The simplest conversion is to plex, and with plex constantly increasing in value, character prices will increase, as the bulk of purchasers are looking for good deals to profit off of filling injectors and selling them to their clients.

So the best advice to you, as someone looking to buy a character, is to decide for yourself how much a character that has never created or joined the hypernet is worth to you, and then go from there.

Noted good info -thanks

well,I’m not sure how much it should be,so please give me your quotation

Please give me your quotation

check me out …

I would imagine 3bil ballpark but Im also not sure how this usually work for transfer. If you pay for transfer we can figure something out, otherwise it makes no sense to sell for me at that lrice.

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