WTB a good single named character early as possible

As the title say’s… I am looking for a good single named character, SP not a major concern either way.

Isk waiting, show me what you have got…

You can’t think of a name and make a new character?

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Hey baby :kissing_heart:

Good name? No idea, but I’m old.

Early as possible in the title might give that away tbh

Sent you a PM

Wow but Lols

Replied to your in game email. Western USTZ, so sorry about the late response.

Sent in Game offer to you

accepted. Please send isk and account information.

done you have isk and account details

ISK and account information received. Starting transfer shortly.

Re confirm account please. getting a "target user not found or active " message

sent you in game mail and just copy and paste it

I did. I’m getting a “target user not found or active” message.

Transfer started. You should receive an email confirming this shortly.

Recieved the email so all good and thanks for an easy transaction

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