WTB a RORQ pilot with some FAX skill

Looking to pick up a RORQ pilot with some FAX skill.


  • trained into Mining Drone specialization. Would like lvl3+
  • trained into Invul Core Ops
  • Mining Foreman


  • Decent Name
  • solid drone skills (Sentry Drone Interfacting lvl5)
  • some FAX capability (this may push the SP closer to 35m+ - that’s fine)

If you think your character can fit the bill, let’s talk!

Eric take a look << here >>

hi this is exaclty what you are looking for WTS 24 M RORQ pilot, producer and closse to fax pilot


28,5 bil buy out price

The price is too high…

give me a good offer bro

i had that offer already if you can go more up. or lets chat in game.

26.5B bid

check this out plz

make it 27 and it is yours.

about your character …i can offer 25B.

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