WTS 3 perfect rorqual miners

(Evgenych) #1

Hi hi, I would like to sell some of my miners, they are perfect rorqual miners, they are able to mine ores or ice.

check on the skills and you will find panic module at level 5, industrial reconfiguration tech2 and much more, also they are in the process of training for a fax.

All the characters are located in JITA, inside an NPC corporation, with positive 1 isk on their wallet.




This is an auction, so guys, GET crazzzyyyyy, oh btw I will appreciate if someone could tell me how much if for the transfer fee that the seller needs to pay to CCP for each of the characters sell…

Thanks allot!

WTB Sane skilled FOCUSED Roqual Chrakter
WTB a RORQ pilot with some FAX skill
WTB Rorqual pilot
(Chantal Flosse) #2

no bids atm? i make start bid 25b for Saeko Shikkoken

(Evgenych) #3

duly noted

(Over Bored) #4

20B for Paola Pezzo
30B for Saeko Shikkoken

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #5

paolo 25B

(Li minta) #6

I can offer you 25 bil for Josebach

(Chantal Flosse) #7

31b Saeko Shikkoken i think transfercost are roud about 20€/$

(Evgenych) #9

offers duly noted

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #10

paolo 26B

(Winston Onzo) #11


(ISD Sakimura) #12

@Evgenych Please login with the characters being sold and confirm that they are for sale, replying in this thread

(Saeko Shikkoken) #13

Im for sale

(Josabech Abellan) #14

Im for sale

(Paola Pezzo) #15

Im for sale

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #16

I bid:

Josabech - 32B

Paola - 28B

Saeko - 31.5B

(Evgenych) #17

what about closing the deal for 100b for the 3 characters ??

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #18

Afraid not. That is quite a bit higher than the total of my current bids.

(Evgenych) #19

[Hibiki Aurobindo]

Right now, you’re the highest bidder!

(Feral Macedon) #20

33b for Saeko Shikkoken

(Chantal Flosse) #21

Saeko Shikkoken 33,5b