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Looking to pick up a RORQ pilot with 25M+ SP.


  • trained into Mining Drone specialization. Would like lvl3+
  • trained into Invul Core Ops
  • Mining Foreman


  • Decent Name
  • solid drone skills (Sentry Drone Interfacting lvl5)
  • some FAX capability (this may push the SP closer to 35m+ - that’s fine)

If you think your character can fit the bill, let’s talk!

(ottomans proud) #2

hi https://eveskillboard.com/password/mr_tschaka pw 1234 RORQ pilot, producer and closse to fax pilot this is exactly what you are looking for just 1 hour training for fax. have almost ready everthing… buy out 28,5 bil

(Feral Macedon) #3

I’ve bid 25B for him. I’ll comment on the thread as well. Let me know if you’ll accept that

(Major Puss) #4


PW: 12345

Not sure if you would be interested.

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #5


Foccused RORQ pilot

(Feral Macedon) #6

Thank you for posting. Your character is a great pick up, just not want I’m looking for at the moment. GLWS!

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Rorqy mc-rorqface

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daily bump

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daily bump

(ottomans proud) #11

buy out 27 bil and it is yours WTS 24 M RORQ pilot, producer and closse to fax pilot

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