WTB highly focused Rorqual pilot

I would like to buy a Rorqual pilot with 20 - 30mil sp that hopefully meets the following requirements:

JDC V ( essential)
Mining Drone Operation V (essential)
Mining Drone Specialization V (lvl 4 at least)
Capital Industrial Ships V (essential)
Can use P.A.N.I.C (essential but no further training level required)
Can use T2 Industrial Core (essential)
Basic Light, Heavy and Sentry drone skills for self-defense (preferred)

It’s OK to have some other skills on your toon but it must be focused on the Rorqual. Basically, it doesn’t matter if your sp goes a little bit upper or lower the 20-30mil range but I won’t be interested in a pilot trained to fly Titians and another irrelevant stuff with partial Rorqual skills.

If you think you meet my demand and are willing to sell your toon, please reply below and tell me your above-mentioned skills’ status and the expected price. Although I’m planning to buy at 1B per million sp e.g. 20 bil for a toon with 20 mil sp, yet the final price can be negotiated since rorq pilots are more than popular these days. If you have a perfect char for me then I’ll be happy to offer a bigger bunch of isk
Also if you do not meet the essential requirements but get really close to them (like only a few days to complete the training) then feel free to leave a reply here anyway.

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