WTS 2 x Basic Rorqual Pilots

WTS https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rocks_Sucker
WTS https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rocks_Licker

Both basic pilots but you can do amazing isk with those 2 dudes !

Rocks Sucker 12,45 m sp bids start at 10b
Rocks Licker 15,08 m sp bids start at 13b

Confirming that i’m for sale :wink:

8b right now for rocks sucker… isk ready

Too low but thanks for the offert !

9b offer

I offer 10B for Sucker. right now


Itachi TheAvenger, thanks for the bid ! i’ll keep it in mind. But not really on a rush to sell so i will wait a bit more !

oh that is fine :slight_smile:

ill offer 11 for sucker now?

slannesh chaos ty for the bid ! Noted. But unless i recive a very good offert ill wait a couple of days before sell :wink:

no probs dude

offer retracted

Mu Err thanks for the bid ! We are getting closer :slight_smile:

This offer is for 1 hour - after that i need a little sleep :slight_smile:

11B FOR Sucker, 14b for Licker , i want take two of them, isk is ready

15B for Licker

15.5b for Licker

16B for Licker

16.5b for Licker