WTS Minokawa / Rorqual 34.1m sp

As per title am selling myself

PW: 123

Near perfect Minokawa & Rorqual

Easy train into all other Faxes which it has skills for.

Min bid 34b

Updated :slight_smile:

I have 32 Bil? probably not good enough but worth a try

may be 33 Bil

hey dude i will buy

for 34 bil

34.5 Bil

35 BIL

Lets hit 37 and its going out!

37 bil


Send isk & details and I’ll start the transfer

will do it after work ty

isk sent

You have not yet sent me details of what account to send character to :slight_smile:

Am awaiting this

Info sent


sounds good ty dude

https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/203465481-Character-Transfer did you do it right? I should have it by now…

Still awaiting gm response to character transfer request

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