Rorqual Monstaaaaa versatle miner! YOU guys are gonna love it!

I left my best miner for the last,

Its located in Jita

Positive wallet with 1 isk

Well what can I say, GREAT rorqual pilot…

  1. Perfect ice miner

  2. Perfect ore miner

  3. Perfect ice refiner

  4. Perfect mining booster

  5. Jump freighter

  6. Null sec trader

And in a few weeks, its going to be a fax pilot as well,

A versatile miner!

Also, when I mean perfect, it means all the affecting skills at level 5… I want ISK!!!

So, that’s it…

Yes, confirmation, i am for sale, any communication can be done with me or with Evgenych

thanks, allot, and happy bidding!!

Fyi, anyone who buys character, isk goes to character sold, not OP

thanks for the free bump

30 Bil:sweat_smile:

thats just cruel, but ur the highest bidder right now xDD

35b offer

thanks for bidding, mr Taylor ur the highest bidder right now!


i would like to wait a couple of days more, hoping to get more isk

but right now ur the highest bidder

36 Bil

for 40bill shes all yours!!

Daily bump! rorqual monstaaaaaa!!

38 Bil isk ready

39 and its yours

ok 39bil

ok send isk to Missy_Giove or Evgenych plz

isk and account info sent.

isk recieved, transaction completed, fee for transferign the character payed

thanks allot

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