WTS 3 perfect rorqual miners

(Nataly Maken) #22

Saeko 34b

(Chantal Flosse) #23

Saeko Shikkoken 34,5

(Evgenych) #25

ok offer accepted for Saeko Shikkoken for 34.5 billion isk

(Chantal Flosse) #26

isk to Saeko?

(Evgenych) #27

isk to “Evgenych” plz its the same picture profile in this forums and also in the game

(Chantal Flosse) #28

in Amok. from Condi its right?

(Evgenych) #29

yes exactly

(Chantal Flosse) #30

isk are send

(Evgenych) #31

character transfered and the service fee of 20$ is payed aswell

thanks allot!! take good care of saeko!!

(Over Bored) #32

Josabech Abellan 35
Paola Pezzo 30

(Evgenych) #33

offer accepted, send isk to “evgenych”

im in Amok inside goonswarm

thank you

(Over Bored) #34

ISK and account info send.

(Evgenych) #35

isk recieved and characters transfered with the fee for bouth transsactions payed…

thanks allot!

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #36

Fyi isk goes to character that is being sold.

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #37

Yup. Thats why I stopped bidding.

(Evgenych) #38

Guys thanks everybody for bidding, I left my best miner for the last,

  • Perfect ice miner

  • Perfect ore miner

  • Perfect booster

  • Perfect ice refiner

  • Jump freighter

  • And 00 trader

A versatile miner!

(Daichiro Mubante) #39

Read the rules.

(Evgenych) #40

so guys, this is what i was talking to you about, the best for the last!!