WTB a Toon, 15-20m SP

Want to buy a good starter pilot, looking for around 15-20m SP.

Thanks <3


Maybe interested in me. I am a good nemesis pilot but need fund my other chars.


Can use covertops - helios, dts and blockade runner minmatar , interceptor and mining barge, currently training to be perfect scanner. Good turrets small, i use him too to do tranquil and calm filaments

I am in jita nearly, i pay transfer, no killing rights, no history, positive wallet. If intesrested answer here.

Total Skillpoints: 14,355,115
Unallocated Skillpoints: 1,871,000
Total Skillpoints: 16,226,115

11 bill

11.2 and is yours, i need purchase implants. By the way, is 16.5 but no refresh yet in skillboard.

Can do 11.2

Deal accepted, send the isk and account name and i transfer in an hour aprox when i can login in the work. i edit in a minute with the skill points

Isk and account details sent from my main

Isk received. I send the pilot in an hour or less

Transfer done.

Thank you ill update when received

Man, what a ripoff. Go and make your own thread…

Thanks for not even letting me make and offer in my own thread.


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