WTB Pilot with 40m points Budget 30-40b

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Hi, interested in purchase a pilot around 40m points, only need a decent name. Skills are not much important, I have the isk in hand to purchase.

I am not interested in fancy implants , can be amn industrial, missioneer, really only interested i the skill points and decent name.

Answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

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today BUMP

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maybe you dont know but i need say something important.

Today bump.

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Let me see , Your char have a value of 25 in injectors skill points plus somne standings but is criminal nd neet clean her name =P

31 b

By the way i am not planning extrat her

WTS 35.3m Pirate, Fly a lot of T2, great support
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i need a toon with these stats, can be lower skill points too, offer.

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Here is thread if you would like to bid!

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