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Hi, for external circunstances, recently i was forced to firesale a pilot 50m points i was carefully upleveling.

I am interested in purchase a new Pilot around 50m points., i know the extractors are aprox 36b plus 2-3b of the base 5m, then i have a budget around 39b.

I am not seeking anything in special, i dont plan pay for fancy expensive implants, i am seeking only a decent / short name with a bunch of skill points. If u have a decent pilot between 40m and 55m, and dont want other prople extract him for profit, i am not planning in extract the pilot.

Your type of skills dont matter, can be ■■■■, only need a decent name and a neural remap at least.

Answer here please, i am not reading my evemail.

make me an offer on this guy. I was very unknowledgeable when I first started, so I trained into everything I could lol. but aye, atleast he has cal dreads :wink:
make me an offer on him

Never answer i assume he sell.

Today bump

still selling this guy if interested.

I offer you 30bg and never get answer. If interested i can give to u in an hour.

no thank you, I have an offer at 34b right now

Ok, sorry for distubr, i hope the people give you the 34. My max is 31 for that number of points.

I get a pilot in other thread, thread closed.

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