WTS 32M SP Starter Pilot

I am for sale
Positive Wallet
Full Set of +5 Implants
Located in Jita
No Kill Rights
NPC Corp
Very Clean Corp History
33m SP

Unable to fly anything this pilot was training all support skills while i figured out what i wanted to her to do.
If you need a specific thing flown she is very close to any ship and is very very close to FAX pilot.

Open to offers

need to drop corp.

you didnt give it time to update lol

I’ll start you at 20B, others can work off of there :slight_smile:

thank you for the bid

23 bil buyout offer

appreciate the offer but i can make 24b just by extracting her myself without paying a transfer fee and leaving me with a pilot with +5s that i can use as a farmer. please…

23.01 bil buyout offer

then go ahead and extract… good luck, consider my offer retracted

24b buyout


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