All done. many thanks.

i take the 83 send isk and accountname to me start transfer soon as possible

What would be your best offer?

@Lairah_Deteis please check your mail.
@Sev_Gannon I can offer you 18b for each toon.

trade chanceled

selling this tone

Password 666; Offer ?


I’m willing to sell these characters.
Actually in Jita, NPC corp, standings ok.

Rorqual pilot, dont have anymore time to use it.
Other one is cyno alt, with small mining capabilites.

bump :fiestaparrot:

^^ Focused Carrier Pilot ~46 mil SP


@Bladestrom 30b
@TheDancer_Girl 55b

I’ve put some fresh sp to these characters.

Can u pls look at it once more and give me a price ?

@Alex_Lynx_Support can offer you 28b each.

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To the top!

Buying all toonz! e7224a5d43b96ca0bb7b247abf4b73e2

offer me your toons!


Still looking