Arksniper 61 mil sp Super pilot

for sale offers accepted please be realistic. character is in Jita. 26000 isk no jump clones

In game Arkc-Pub


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Can you please add the info required under section c: Welcome to the Character Bazaar ?
Also a skillboard link would be greatly appreciated.

done thanks

Can you make an EVESkillBoard link for the char please and paste it here?

is up in ad

35b offer


bump :slight_smile:

42.5b isk ready

49 and you have a deal

bump :slight_smile:

43b offer

i came down to 49b that is pretty good nee some help on price may be we can make a deal


you have a deal at 45 bil

can’t go that high. 42b is my best

^ good offer given no injection in Light/Heavy Fighters I wasn’t going this high.

LOL you already offer 43

Ye that was a while ago prices changed , have to stick to that atm sorry :grimacing:

62.8 mil sp now give me final price please and i make a deal