@Merciless_Jordy thats best i can offer.
@Marcie_Vale 8b
@Gang_Bang_Gunship 20b

@Raeteh isk and details sent, thanks.

ill start the transfer

transfer initiated

@Cmc_Alt2 isk and details sent, awaiting transfer thanks.

Transfer started.

Thanks and fly safe

PW: buyme

Offer? 76.6 SP + 90k unallocated

@MagicMos 85b
@Khoraxx password?

@Lian_lei psw: 420


EveSkillBoard - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gstringninja

Skill Points 32,484,433
Extractable Injectors 54

@Khoraxx 54b
@Gstringninja 20b

Need more! ScornfulSeparateGannet-size_restricted

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/IVAN_KILLYA price check please

@enter_your-name 86b

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How much ?

@Jack_Renekton 49b

To the top! up gif