What about these?
Baron Arnic

@Baron_Arnic 80b and 59b

I could probably do 59 on Baron…I’ve switched my playing style since building these characters so I don’t really need them, but I think Domz is probably worth more.

@Lian_lei Opps…probably should have said that from the Baron account. hahaha I could probably do 59B on Baron. I’ll probably hold Dominoz for now since I think she’s worth more.

I can send you isk after work today around 14:30 eve time for baron arnic, let know if your ok with that.

@Lian_lei That would probably work. Its after midnight where I am so I’m getting ready to head to bed, but if I’m figuring it right…I should be back up by the time you are quoting. Just fire me an ingame on Baron with the account to transfer him to.

This is the post on the forums for his sale so you might want to comment there saying the amount you’re paying for him. Link

8 mill sp Orca pilot for sale with +5 implants docked in Dodixie make me an offer

@NEMO_MECH the sp is too low for me to make you any worth while offer, you would be better off buying plex with your 20bucks transfer fee or maybe make a post for this toon im sure some one will be willing to pay the extra to make it worth transfering.

Most i could offer is 2b if you still want to sell.

Price check

@Lian_lei I gotta run out to do an errand, but should be back in about 45 minute. Just ingame me the information and we’ll get the transfer done on Baron.

@Baron_Arnic isk and details sent thanks.

@Angela_Lupo 18b

No thanks

@Lian_lei ok…just got back so let me check everything and get the transfer started

@Lian_lei ISK confirmed…will mark other sale thread as closed. I will get it transferred over to your account here as soon as the other transfer I did to move another toon onto this account releases in a few hours. I seriously apologize for that.

No worries take your time :upside_down_face:

Thanks…I totally forgot that happens. Shows how long I’ve been away from this game. haha

@Lian_lei ok…Baron should now be in the process of transferring to you. Thank you and nice doing business with you.

The pleasure is all mine thumbs-up

What’s your offer for this?

@caaaaa_Boooom 16b
@Hong_Xiuquan 63b