Need more toonz!!!


up! 2fbe5553351d203d6fb1a32545f26349

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Fessaer_Kraer price

@Fessaer_Kraer 52b

check out my character

@Lian_lei How about this one? Its my fleet boosting/corp & alliance management character


@Erin_Davis 19b
@Lord_Macblazer 71b

hmm…ok. Still thinking about if I want to cut this one loose or not. haha. It was my first eve character.

@Lian_lei ok…71B is doable. He is now out of his corp and all assets moved to my other characters. He’s in a pod sitting in High Sec with one jump clone in the station he is currently parked in.

@Lord_Macblazer give me till 23:00 eve time and i will send isk and details when i get home.

@Lian_lei no problem at all…at work myself. Just ping me when done along with where to transfer it do and we’ll get it done.

Price check please: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Azir_Zirud

@Lord_Macblazer isk and details sent thanks

@Azir_Zirud 24b

@Lian_lei Roger that…I’ll get in and get it moved

@Lian_lei Isk received and character transfer started

daily bump!

@Stripper_Nerd 20b

OK send me the isk I will start the process of transferring, also send me a account to transfer to please.
As soon as I get the isk I will send start the process of transferring.