✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

OK, she is in an NPC and ready to transfer pos wallet and security. Please send me transfer information.

offer accepted - char in NPC corp - positive wallet - all the rules stuff - once isk received and info confirmed will start transfer - unless im sleeping - then transfer in AM

please accept the offer with the char for sale @blutoSan

@Gatyo_Six isk and info sent

how much for me ?

transfer initiated

You told 29BIL.
I accepted this. I need ISK and your account name for transfer.

Offer accepted, ready to transfer.

no the char for sale… is “badgrrl” you need to accept with the correct char

Sorry I don’t do this very often.

Offer accepted, ready to transfer.

Same for me. I mean dont sell characters often.
What about me?

@Montikks confirm still for sale sorry for the delay.
@MoDiEs 11b offer
@Amarr_Citizen_1693841881 isk and info sent
@badGrrl … Please remove the ISK Fee for Mailing you my Information :smiley:

Sorry, the fee is removed, forgot.

isk and info sent

Transfer made, thank you

you still have not initiated transfer mate :smiley:

Looking for 15b obo there


to the top

looking for more