✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

Thanks for the offer. Already in the process with @Legit_Salesgirl

you sure his offer is better then mine I don’t mind @GeeKdaFReak :slight_smile:

(More isk is more isk)

I’m a man of my word, if we had already agreed I stand by it. @Legit_Salesgirl

ok please post with the char for sale here i send isk and details to it when u are ready

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I’ve never done this before, do I just create a WTS thread and drop it in here??

@GeeKdaFReak The char that is for sale has to post it , make sure to switch to that one and post “I am for sale” and that u accept the offer. :stuck_out_tongue:

The char that is for sale also receives the isk+mail

oh ok

I AM for SAle and accept the offer

isk and info sent

silly question, do i leave the isk in that character at the time of the trade?? or do i move it to my other toon?

you move the isk before the transfer :smiley:

OK!! Done! Thank you.

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offer, please?

21b offer @ghaastly


Offer please ?

83b offer @Etan_Lightbringer

Offer Accepted 21b, what is the next step?


You receive the isk and the account name via ingame mail to the selling character.

Let me know if u are still interested